The Wild Sheep Society of BC (WSSBC) is a registered non-profit wildlife conservation organization and our Mission is “To promote and enhance wild sheep and wild sheep habitat throughout British Columbia.”

The WSSBC was formed in 1998 by a group of dedicated sportsmen and women that recognized the challenges wild sheep face, and decided to take action. Since then, the Society has grown to hundreds of members provincially and internationally whose crucial funds and volunteer time are funnelled into projects around BC with the goal of “Putting More Sheep On The Mountains”. Through our collective efforts, the WSSBC funds wild sheep science and research projects, habitat enhancement and protection initiatives, and transplants of sheep into unoccupied or historically occupied areas. During our annual Fundraiser and Convention, we engage our membership and the public with updates on the status of our wild sheep populations throughout the province, the latest on our projects and research, awareness of wild sheep health and disease issues, and other educational events related to wild sheep and sheep hunting.

The WSSBC is looking to hire a part time to full time staff member. We believe this position will help us with the next step as a fundraising and volunteer organization. Our goal is to double our membership and our gross revenue in the next 5 years to further our conservation cause. We also hope to improve our accountability and communication to our membership.

WSSBC Executive Assistant Position

Please review the Position requirements and if you are interested submit your application to prior to May 1st, 2108

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The Wild Sheep Society of BC is pleased to present our 2018 Board of Directors.

Photo: Dennis Kitto

Our new board from left to right:

Standing: President Kyle Stelter, Director Peter Gutsche, Vice President Mike Southin, Director Josh Hamilton, Secretary Helen Christiansen, Director Robin Routledge, Treasurer Joe Humphries, Vice President Korey Green, Lisa Hettrich, Director Naomi Weeks, Director Richard Christiansen, Director Robbie Englot.

Kneeling: Director at Large David Heitsman, Director Brad Siemens, Director Mark Trousdell, Past President Rodney Zeeman.

Missing Directors at Large: Chris Barker, Bill Pastorek, Mike Schroeder, Jonathan Proctor

Admin Support: Kelly Cioffi

Executive Director Lisa Hettrich is no longer with the Wild Sheep Society of BC.  We thank Lisa for her commitment to wild sheep conservation and wish her the very best of success in all of her future endeavours.

The 2018 Wild Sheep Society of BC is excited to serve our members and continuing our commitment to wild sheep conservation efforts in BC.

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Hunting, conservation, tradition, how our outdoor pursuits are perceived by the public and the future of our traditions.

Shifting Focus – Is it time_

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