Charitable Donations

The Wild Sheep Society of British Columbia is excited to announce to our members and supporters that there is a new opportunity to make charitable donations that support wild sheep projects and important conservation initiatives.

We have partnered with a newly formed charitable organization – Mountain Wildlife Conservation Society (MWCS). This new charitable organization’s purposes are closely aligned with our own, and the MWCS board of Directors is composed entirely of members of our society. In fact, the President of the MWCS is Kyle Stelter, WSSBC Chief Executive Officer while both WSSBC President Korey Green. and WSSBC Vice-President Chris Barker serve on the MWCS Board of Directors. MWCS’s bylaws state that three of the seven Directors must be appointed by Wild Sheep Society of BC.

MWCS is a registered charity and as such they can issue donation receipts that can be used for tax credits or deductions. Anyone seeking to make a charitable donation to the MWCS can contact me at: and we will provide you with the necessary details. You can make these donations with confidence that the money you contribute will be allocated to wild sheep conservation initiatives that are supported by the Wild Sheep Society.

In addition, the WSSBC has agreed to offer recognition through our Monarch program for anyone wishing to contribute to MWCS.

Some members may wonder why the Wild Sheep Society of BC did not apply for a charitable designation. With the assistance of professionals, we carefully considered a charitable application and decided that it was not a viable option for our society. One such reason is that registered charities have less flexibility than we currently enjoy.

This affiliation with Mountain Wildlife Conservation Society provides an option for those seeking a registered charitable donation, while our WSSBC maintains its ability to continue its great conservation work in the manner it always has.