ACT NOW – Support science based wildlife management

Once again we are defending science-based wildlife management and an outright attack on our hunting heritage, with the latest ‘Large Carnivore’ push by the anti-hunting community. 

We need you now more than ever before.  ACT NOW

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Be a voice for Wild Sheep

We have made changes before, and we can do it again- But we need your help to do it

Would you be interested in assisting us?

Our goal is to have a dedicated team of volunteers that will meet with their elected officials two times per year to raise concerns to them on behalf of our organization.  We are seeking eight Regional Chairs for our Government Engagement team.  With 87 ridings in BC, each Regional Chair will oversee roughly 11 volunteers that are assigned to meet with their local MLA in their riding.


Regional Chair

This position will take roughly 2 hours of your time per month.  You would report to the Government Engagement Sub-Committee Chair and be responsible for liaising with the WSSBC riding reps in your region.  We will provide you with the content and you would be responsible for ensuring your reps are meeting with their MLA and that they have the resources to do so.   Our goal is to have each riding represented across BC.

If you are interested in serving as a Regional Chair, please email with your name, what Region you live in and what riding you represent and clearly outline you are volunteering as a REGIONAL CHAIR.


Regional Representative

For those with less time on their hands and can assist with our Government Engagement, we also need representatives to meet with their local MLA.  Again, as mentioned earlier we need a rep in each riding.  Our mandate for this initiative is for a WSSBC rep to meet their local MLA a minimum of two times per year, so you will need to set aside roughly 2-3 hours per year for this.  We will be sure to provide you with talking points and material for your meetings.


If you are interested in serving as a WSSBC riding representative, please email with your name, what riding you represent and clearly outline you are volunteering as a RIDING REPRESENTATIVE.

We have seen the positive effects engaging with government has had on wildlife management and you can make a difference in BC.  We have the government’s ear and if we keep up with engagement we will continue to drive positive change for wildlife and their habitat in British Columbia.