Wild Sheep Harvest Strategies and Horn Aging Education

If you are planning to hunt wild sheep in the future, please take this opportunity to learn more about your intended harvest. The contents of this film are provided by the Province of British Columbia Wild Sheep and Mountain Goat Specialist Bill Jex. He provides technical advice on how to age wild sheep in the field in addition to additional harvest strategies around mountain sheep.

The following video covers the regulations as they pertain to British Columbia at the time of filming. We encourage hunters to utilize the hunting regulations and all accurate educational tools available to them on how to properly age wild sheep. It is critical to the wild sheep resource that hunters harvest wild sheep legally and ethically.

A disproportionate amount of under age rams harvested on a consistent basis may require regulation changes that further restrict harvest in the future. We encourage you to arm yourself with the best available information and learn as much as you can about aging wild sheep. Be sure to consult the hunting regulations and for inexperienced hunters we encourage you to find a mentor that can assist you.

The Wild Sheep Society of BC regularly provides horn aging and wild sheep harvest strategy educational classes. Please do your best to attend one of these seminars when they are available. In the interim, this video will provide insight on how to effectively field age sheep. In the end if you are sheep hunting and you are not 100% certain the ram you are pursuing is legal – let him walk and grow for another year.