2021 Annual General Meeting – June 12th 2021

Our 2021 Annual General Meeting will be hosted through the Zoom platform on June 12th, 2021 at 11 AM Pacific.

We are pleased to announce that we will hold a web-based electronic Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Saturday June 12th, 2021 at 11 AM Pacific Time.
Pre-registration is required for the Zoom meeting: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_3Ikctnv3Qle4mLnTALg1Vg
**Please note that the requisite documents for the AGM are the President’s report, Minutes of last AGM, Agenda of this AGM, Financial Statements, Appointment of 2021 Financial Engagement Review Service, and Financial Review Engagement Report.

Annual General Meeting Elections

Due to the online hosting of our 2021 Annual General Meeting through the Zoom platform, we have had to modify our annual election process. While fully complying with our Constitution and Bylaws and the Societies Act – BC Law, we need to adapt the election process so that we can host an electronic AGM. Rules do exist around who is eligible to run for our Board of Directors.  Please review our Constitution and Bylaws ( https://www.wildsheepsociety.com/constitution-and-bylaws/)


Candidate Profiles / Bios

President: Kyle Stelter – declared winner by acclimation

Kyle Stelter developed a strong connection to wildlife growing up on a ranch in Alberta. He has three decades of community volunteer experience starting out in 4H at the age of 10. During high school he received volunteer recognition receiving scholarship accolades for leadership through volunteer achievement.

Relocating to British Columbia in 1997 gave Kyle an appreciation for the mountains and mountain sheep. After harvesting a 13-year-old Monarch Stone Sheep on his first sheep hunt in 2011, he knew he had to give back to wild sheep conservation.

Kyle is Past President of the Wild Sheep Society of British Columbia having served on the Board of Directors since 2017.  He was awarded the 2020 Wild Sheep Foundation President’s Award for his role in the creation and leadership efforts hosting the Wild Sheep Jurassic Classic.

Stelter is a WSSBC Life and Monarch Silver Member. Kyle also serves on the Wild Sheep Foundation’s Board of Directors.

Kyle has no violations under the wildlife act.



Vice-President (two year term): Korey Green (Incumbent) – declared winner by acclimation

Ever since my first sheep hunt with my dad and father in-law in 2006, I have had an affinity for wild sheep and wild places. As such, I have been back to the mountains at least once and often twice a year every year since.

My involvement with the Wild Sheep Society of BC (WSSBC) began in 2013, when a good friend (WSSBC Director Rob Englot) convinced me to come with a group of friends to the WSSBC Convention, as they had been going for years. I attended and really enjoyed the workshops, meeting and conversing with other sheep hunters and conservationists, and most importantly, supporting a great cause.

I have since became a Life Member (#193) and Monarch Member (#22) and have attended every convention and Norther Fundraiser since.

In 2017 I had the opportunity to assist Rob with getting the Northern Fundraiser started and it has been a huge success, exceeding everyone’s expectations. Being part of a successful event that raises funds that go directly to projects in the North has been extremely rewarding.

An opportunity to join the WSSBC board came in 2017, when I was nominated and elected as a director, and in 2018 I was elected to the executive as one of the VP’s. After 3 years in the VP role, I can say it has been an absolute pleasure to work with such an amazing executive and board. Having served on other professional boards (BC Institute of Agrology – President, VP, Director), involvement with the WSSBC board has been so much more rewarding, as the growth, diversity, and brand awareness it has accomplished in recent years has been staggering and exciting to be a part of.

I am letting my name stand for VP again and if elected, I look forward to working with the board and can’t wait to see the amazing things the WSSBC accomplishes in the next few years.

I can also state that I have had no prior violations under the wildlife act.


Treasurer: Joe Humphries (Incumbent) – declared winner by acclimation

My name is Joseph Humphries (Joe). I have been a member of the WSSBC for almost 10 years and am a current Life Member. I was first elected to the BOD in 2016 and in 2017 was elected to the Executive as Treasurer of the Society where I have remained in this position for the past four years and look forward to continuing to serve for this first class society. I consider myself an avid conservationist and outdoorsman. While still in the <1 Club I have been close to getting kicked out a few times now and I feel it is just a matter of time and perseverance. I was born and raised in British Columbia and remained in the Province till the end of 2017 and now currently reside in Whitehorse, Yukon (the other Wild Sheep Mecca). The past year and a half the Wild Sheep Society of BC has continued to strive to put and keep wild sheep on the Mountains in British Columbia. I look forward to continuing to serve the society as we all work together and continue to strive to be at the forefront of BC and Canada as one of if not the top conservations groups. I also make the declaration that I have never been charged and do not have any Wildlife violations or charges in BC or anywhere for that matter.


Secretary: Greg Rensmaag – declared winner by acclimation

I am a superintendent for a construction company based in the Lower Mainland that specializes in high rise construction. I was raised in Maple Ridge and I currently reside there with my wife and our two children.

My love for the outdoors was instilled at an early age. As far back as I can remember our family trips consisted of mostly hunting or fishing in the Cariboo region and the Peace region. My love for the outdoors came from my father and his love for the outdoors came from my grandfather.

Growing up I dreamt of my 10th birthday and acquiring my hunting license. This was a big deal in our household and the hunter’s education course was our birthday present. When I was 11 years old, I was able to take my first big game animal, a mule deer, and this cemented my outdoor addiction.

For a little over a year I have served on the WSSBC board of directors. As the Vice-Chair of Membership I have been honored to be a part of an incredible year of growth for the Society. More recently, in February, I became the Vice-Chair of Government Engagement and I have had the privilege to go to bat for our members, the hunting community and science-based wildlife management in general. I look forward to have the opportunity to continue to serve our members and wildlife.

I do not have any wildlife violations.


Director positions (5):


Candidate ELECT: Chris Barker – Elected by membership vote

It has been an honour to have been involved with the WSSBC for over 25 years, the growth of our organization in that time has been nothing short of amazing. I have severed in numerous capacities on the board from Director to President to your current Projects Chair. I believe sheep hunters are the penultimate conservationists that have a passion and dedication that knows no bounds, our board has the vision that exemplifies this.

I believe I can bring knowledge, information and partnerships that will be invaluable to the board moving forward with the challenge’s that lay ahead for wild sheep conservation in BC. My passion over the last few years has been directed towards on the ground projects that have a direct impact for wild sheep and their habitat’s, the biggest issue facing and limiting our wild sheep populations is disease, specifically Mycroplasma Ovipneumoniae or Movi this has been a 20 year battle that is still not resolved, but we have made some headway just not enough to mitigate the issue.

My commitment to WSSBC is time and the different levels of membership that have been provided to our membership, I am also a life member of numerous other wild sheep chapter and affiliates throughout Canada and North America including some WSF committees. Conservation of BC’s Wild Sheep and habitat is priority number one and has always been priority number one.

Objectives for the next 2 years

  • Achieve separation and continued elimination of Movi in wild sheep populations
  • Support Domestic producers who want to achieve Movi free domestic populations and be wild sheep safe
  • Continue creating partnerships with groups that are interested in wild sheep conservation and habitat improvement

No organization achieves success without a strong and passionate membership, undoubtedly WSSBC members are the best, you are the ones that support the mission with money, time, efforts and attendance at fundraiser’s, projects and conventions THANK YOU. It would be an honour and pleasure to serve on the board again.


Candidate ELECT:  Robbie Englot (Incumbent) – Elected by membership vote

I have had a love for the mountains since my first stone sheep hunting trip some fifteen + years ago with a great and long time friend! That same friend just happens to be the person that took me to my first WSSBC convention in Kelowna.

I really enjoyed shooting the wind with other like minded people and perhaps sipping a few adult beverages throughout the night. I met some amazing people that first year and could not wait to get back the next year! Over the next couple of years, us crazy Northern guys would drive down through blizzards and black ice to attend the shows. It was during one of these shows I met “Ice and 6.5” hahah code names, if you know, you know 😉

In 2017 things really came together and we formulated a plan to start the Northern Fundraiser in Dawson Creek. All monies raised would stay in the North and go towards Stone Sheep enhancement projects! I reached out to one of my best friends (who is now the VP, Korey Green) and we got the ball rolling and haven’t looked back since. The Northern Fundraiser has sold out every year and raised a huge amount of money thus far.. I am excited to see where it goes in years to come, honestly I think the sky is the limit!!

I was nominated for the BOD by my great friend, life member and supporter of WSSBC, Kenny T 💪🏼 I am excited to run for a BOD spot once again as I am fully invested in wildlife enhancement projects throughout BC! It amazes me what a small group of like minded people can achieve.

I was blessed to win the Lex Ross award my first year being fully involved with the WSSBC! Some pretty prestigious names adorn that award and I am beyond great full to be one of the lucky ones!! I am life member #191 and currently a Silver Monarch with this great organization.

I have no violations under the Wildlife Act.


Candidate ELECT: Josh Hamilton (Incumbent)- Elected by membership vote

It has been an honor to act as a WSSBC Director for the past Three Years and I am seeking re-election for another two-year term. My focus has been Indigenous Relations, Projects, Northern Fundraiser & Raffles.

I chair the Indigenous Relations Committee where our focus is to build and maintain meaningful relationships with First Nation communities and First Nation Governments. These relationships are key in our ability to see Wild Sheep & Habitat projects come to fruition.

I have been leading on our Northern Prescribed Fire Project. By the date of the AGM, we will know if we were successful or not in receiving our ignition permits from FLNRORD. This project includes pre and post burn monitoring of vegetation and species usage. University of Northern British Columbia is collaborating with us to study heard health. Year 1 of the project could see up to 2500 hectares of critical Stone Sheep Winter Range treated. Funding for this program has been approved by HCTF, WSF, UNBC & WSSBC. Halfway River First Nation & Fort Nelson First Nation have both played a key role in project support. Donations in kind by Backcountry, River jet Adventures, Highland Helicopter.

The Northern Fundraiser was the first WSF affiliate to attempt a virtual fundraiser Feb 6th, 2021. This adaptation came with a lot of challenges but proved beneficial. We look forward to seeing our members in person with a full line up of raffles for our 2022 Northern Fundraiser. Wild Sheep Forever!

I have no violations under the Wildlife Act.


Candidate ELECT: Colin Peters (Incumbent)- Elected by membership vote

In 2010 I was fortunate to draw a Fraser River California Bighorn tag which allowed me to become acquainted with sheep and their landscape.  Looking back on this experience, I realize how fortunate I was to have this tag but more importantly, my understanding of their habitat and the odds stacked against wild herds.

I was introduced to the Wild Sheep Society by a past Director on a jet boat trip on the Tuchodi, the trip was my first big adventure in the remote backcountry.  This amazing experience instilled passion in me for our mountains and wild sheep that inhabit this beautiful province.  I joined WSSBC and attended my first convention in 2012.  Currently completing one term as a Director which truthfully, is not enough time. I was fairly new to the business of conservation but quickly learned and understood the direction of the society and was able to dedicate my time and passion towards ‘wild sheep conservation’. I am seeking another term to carry on what I and the rest of the board has started. There are big things on the horizon, and I wish to be a part of that leadership. I have no violations under the wildlife act

Candidate ELECT: Robin Routledge, R.P.Bio., P.Ag. (Incumbent)- Elected by membership vote

This will be my 4th year running for BOD.  I have previously served a Director and currently sit as Secretary.  I am not letting my name stand for Secretary but would like to remain a Director.  I am deeply involved with the wildlife community and Stone Sheep and Big Horn projects we have going on in Northern British Columbia.  I am involved in projects in Region 7b, 7a, and Region 6.  I also am involved with the Northern Convention and many of our committees and initiatives.  As a Registered Professional Biologist and Agrologist in the Province of BC I feel like I would continue to bring an added benefit to the Board of Directors for the Wild Sheep Society of BC.  Thank you for the consideration and I look forward to serving with you for another year.

I declare that I Robin Routledge, do not have any Wildlife Infractions against me in the Province of British Columba or Canada under the Wildlife Act.


Special Thank you to Tristan Duncan, and Frank Turner for taking a stand for conservation, and running for the Director positions for the AGM. Thier dedication to wild sheep conservation is phenonmenal, and except to see/hear more from them very soon!





2021 AGM Agenda: 2021 WSSBC AGM- June 12th, 2021 AGENDA

2020 Presidents Report: 2020 Presidents report

2020 Previous AGM Minutes: WSSBC May 9th 2020 AGM Meeting Minutes

2020 Financial Statements: 2020 Financial Statements Signed

Financial Review Engagement Report (embedded on Page 2 of Financial Statements- see above)

Appointment of 2021 Financial Engagement Review Service: Appointment of Annual Financial Review Engagement Report

2021 Elections Report: 2021 WSSBC AGM- June 12th2021- ELECTION REPORT



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