2022 Annual General Meeting – April 30th 2022

Our 2022 Annual General Meeting will be hosted through the Zoom platform on April 30th, 2022 at 10 AM Pacific.

Pre-registration is required for the Zoom meeting: https://us06web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_BbbyhcoUS6W_aUhjwI3TMw

2022 Annual General Meeting – April 30th 2022

Our 2022 Annual General Meeting will be hosted through the Zoom platform on April 30th, 2022 at 10 AM Pacific.

Pre-registration is required for the Zoom meeting: https://us06web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_BbbyhcoUS6W_aUhjwI3TMw
**Please note that the requisite documents for the AGM are the President’s report, Minutes of last AGM, Agenda of this AGM, Financial Statements, Appointment of 2022 Financial Engagement Review Service, and Financial Review Engagement Report.


Below are our 2022 AGM Documents.

2022 AGM Agenda: 2022 WSSBC AGM Agenda- April 30th, 2022

2021 Presidents Report: 2021 Presidents report

2021 Previous AGM Minutes: 2021 WSSBC AGM- June 12th 2021 Minutes of Meeting

2021 Financial Statements: Financial Statements 2021

Financial Review Engagement Report: 2021 Engagement letter signed.

Appointment of 2022 Financial Engagement Review Service: 2022 Annual Financial Review Engagement Report

2022 Elections Report: 2022 Election Committee ReportVF


Annual General Meeting Elections

Due to the online hosting of our 2022 Annual General Meeting through the Zoom platform, all nominees for Officer and Director vacancies must be received by April 16th, 2022 at 10 AM.
If you are interested in joining our team as an Officer or Director please review your eligibility through our Constitution and Bylaws ( https://www.wildsheepsociety.com/constitution-and-bylaws/)

Candidate Biographies


Korey Green

Ever since my first sheep hunt with my dad and father in-law in 2006, I have had an affinity for wild sheep and wild places. As such, I have been back to the mountains at least once and often twice a year every year since.

My involvement with the Wild Sheep Society of BC (WSSBC) began in 2013, when a good friend (WSSBC Director Rob Englot) convinced me to come with a group of friends to the WSSBC Convention, as they had been going for years. I attended and really enjoyed the workshops, meeting and conversing with other sheep hunters and conservationists, and most importantly, supporting a great cause.

I have since became a Life Member (#193) and Monarch Member (#22) and have attended every convention and Norther Fundraiser since.

In 2017 I had the opportunity to assist Rob with getting the Northern Fundraiser started and it has been a huge success, exceeding everyone’s expectations. Being part of a successful event that raises funds that go directly to projects in the North has been extremely rewarding.

An opportunity to join the WSSBC board came in 2017, when I was nominated and elected as a director, and in 2018 I was elected to the executive as one of the VP’s. After 3 years in the VP role, I can say it has been an absolute pleasure to work with such an amazing executive and board. Having served on other professional boards (BC Institute of Agrology – President, VP, Director), involvement with the WSSBC board has been so much more rewarding, as the growth, diversity, and brand awareness it has accomplished in recent years has been staggering and exciting to be a part of.

I am letting my name stand for President again and if elected, I look forward to working with the board and can’t wait to see the amazing things the WSSBC accomplishes in the next few years. I can also state that I have had no prior violations under the wildlife act.


Mike Southin

I have been involved with the Wild Sheep Society of BC for the better part of the past 25 years and the work we do as a Society is something I am passionate about.

I have served in many roles throughout the years from Director through to President and have often lead our Fundraising Committee planning the Kamloops Convention.

I continue to volunteer with the Society because I believe in our mission and that we are one of the few groups in the province that puts their money where the mouth is when it comes to conservation.  I also feel that we truly look out for hunters whether it be the 1Campfire initiative, ACT NOW or our advocacy work we conduct when meeting with elected officials.

I believe in representing our members interests and work to make sure that we stay true to the vision that our founding fathers had when we were formed.


Greg Rensmaag

I am a superintendent for a construction company based in the Lower Mainland that specializes in high rise construction. I was raised in Maple Ridge and I currently reside there with my wife and our two children.

My love for the outdoors was instilled at an early age. As far back as I can remember our family trips consisted of hunting or fishing in the Cariboo and Peace regions. My love for the outdoors came from my father and his love for the outdoors came from my grandfather.

Growing up I dreamt of my 10th birthday and acquiring my hunting license. This was a big deal in our household and the hunter’s education course was our birthday present. Both of my children have followed that same dream by completing their C.O.R.E. before their 10th birthdays.

For the last two years, I have served on the board of directors for WSSBC. Last year I had the privilege to join the Executive and became the Secretary for the Society. As the Vice-Chair of Membership for the past two years, I have been honored to be a part of the incredible growth the Society has experienced. Last year I became the Chair of Government Engagement and I have had the privilege to go to bat for our members, the hunting community and for science-based wildlife management in general. Currently, I serve on several of our committees (communications, projects, indigenous relations, fundraising), I look forward to having the opportunity to continue to serve our members and wildlife.

I do not have any wildlife violations.


Joseph Humphries

I Joseph Humphries will let my name stand for Treasurer of the WSSBC for the 22/23 year.

I was born and raised on Vancouver island, and have always had a passion for conservation, hunting and the outdoors. I have been a member of WSSBC since 2012 and a Life member since 2017, I am also a life member of the WSF and have been an active member of WSF- Yukon since 2018. I was first elected to the WSSBC BOD in 2016 then in 2017 I was elected to Treasurer and a position I have held since. As someone passionate about Wild Sheep in BC and around the world I have seen the growth and steps forward WSSBC has taken in the past 10 years and am happy to have been a part of it and know that I will continue to be a part moving forward in any capacity that comes.


Director – Two Year Term

Jesse Bone

My connection to wild sheep comes from working with wildlife and conservations issues in the film world. I’ve made some deep and meaningful connections to sheep and the people who work with sheep and habitat all across North America. Through my experiences with wild sheep, wild places and those people, I have made some of the most meaningful connections in my life. 

My greatest strengths are in communications and strategy. I have helped with the societies branding and messaging, which is imperative to our work. I have served on the Communication Committee, 1Campfire Committee and Projects Committee. I am leading a group of board members through ways we can communicate and develop education in direct response to the short sheep issue that we have had in BC.  

I have had the pleasure of serving as a Director at the Society for the past two years. Serving with my fellow board members has been an honour. I have gained a deeper understanding of how the conservation world works and feel like I’m just getting started. I’m very excited to continue to serve on the board as there is so many great things, just beginning! 

Kyle Dalke

The mountains and the life style has always captivated me and the priorities in my life. Wild sheep and mountains go hand and hand, and when there’s sheep on the mountain it shows that the balance of life is positive.
My name is Kyle Dalke, and I reside in the south east Kootenays here in beautiful British Columbia. I have been an outdoorsman for all of my life and will be till the day I am no longer here.
I have observed and hunted these wonderful animals from the Canadian/US Boarder all the way to Alaska where, with a big help from the wild sheep foundation, I was able to place my hands on my first Dall ram.
I have been a part of many organizations through my life where I helped with land clearing projects, locating field data on caribou and mountain goat, and helping with herd counts here in the east Kootenays.
Recently, I have worked with the wild sheep society of BC on and off for a few years on and off but have now been very involved as a rep working on creating new relationships with other stake holders and first nations with the similar mind set; as well as, staying very involved 1 on 1 with the ministry and local political officers to create a positive impact to helping not only habitat but also sheep.
I would like to step up my place and presence within the wild sheep society of British Columbia (WSSBC) and would like to become a director and keep fighting the good fight, not only as stewards of the land but also for the sheep of  British Columbia.

Robbie Englot

I have had a love for the mountains since my first stone sheep hunting trip some fifteen + years ago with a great and long time friend! That same friend just happens to be the person that took me to my first WSSBC convention in Kelowna.

I really enjoyed shooting the wind with other like minded people and perhaps sipping a few adult beverages throughout the night. I met some amazing people that first year and could not wait to get back the next year! Over the next couple of years, us crazy Northern guys would drive down through blizzards and black ice to attend the shows..

It was during one of these shows I met “Ice and 6.5” hahah code names, if you know, you know 😉

In 2013 things really came together and we formulated a plan to start the Northern Fundraiser in Dawson Creek. All monies raised would stay in the North and go towards Stone Sheep enhancement projects! I reached out to one of my best friends (who is now the VP, Korey) and we got the ball rolling and haven’t looked back since. The Northern Fundraiser has sold out every year and raised a huge amount of money thus far.. I am excited to see where it goes in years to come, honestly I think the sky is the limit!!

I was nominated for the BOD by my great friend, life member and supporter of WSSBC, Kenny T 💪🏼 I am excited to run for a BOD spot once again as I am fully invested in wildlife enhancement projects throughout BC! It amazes me what a small group of like minded people can achieve.

I was blessed to win the Lex Ross award my first year being fully involved with the WSSBC! Some pretty prestigious names adorn that award and I am beyond great full to be one of the lucky ones!! I am life member #191 and currently a Silver Monarch with this great organization.


Peter Gutsche

For four years now, I have had the honour of serving as a Director with WSSBC and as happens to many in our sheep family, I keep getting sucked in a little more with each passing day.

I’ve sat as Chair of our Membership Committee for the past two years and while it’s been a grind during that time thanks to Covid, we keep growing at an astounding rate! I can’t wait to get together again throughout the year at a number of events we are working on.

I live in the Okanagan where we have a lot going on regarding Wild Sheep and I am mainly focused on California Bighorns from a projects standpoint because of this. Movi is the hot topic of the moment, but there’s a lot more happening and I look forward to being involved in all of it as long as it takes.

I love being involved with WSSBC and what we are doing for Wild Sheep here in BC. I look forward to helping in every way that I can and I don’t see that changing any time soon. If you have any questions please reach out, I’d be happy to chat!

Sasha Kvacik

I have diverse skills and knowledge in nonprofit governance, public policy, administration, and environmental management. I currently work for a regional parks department after several years with Parks Canada, where I was involved in wildfire management, visitor safety, and business analysis among other things. I volunteer with a local search and rescue team and the local region 1 BHA table. In the past I have served terms on several boards of directors including as president of a society supporting a search and rescue station and as treasurer and president of the housing co-operative where I live. 

Skills I bring to the table: policy analysis, finance, strategy, communications, business writing, board governance, business continuity, and risk management. My personal attributes: I am a team player, able to compromise, mission oriented, and prioritize outcomes over processes.

Matt McCabe

I currently reside in Kamloops, B.C. For quite some time, I’ve been an active member of WSSBC and have had a very strong interest in joining the WSSBC’s board of directors. The work that WSSBC has done for sheep and conservation in our province is outstanding, which has inspired my interest to join and help in any way that I can to improve sheep habitat and populations across the province for years to come.

As stated above, I currently live in Kamloops. I grew up in the Lillooet and Lytton area and continue to spend a significant amount of my time in the area, especially during hunting season. I am an avid hunter and have been from a very young age.  I am super passionate about all things wild sheep, and I have been fortunate enough to hunt both stone sheep and bighorns, even luckier to have been on a few successful hunts. When not chasing wild sheep during the season, I frequently find myself exploring the landscapes they call home in hopes of learning more about them. I also hunt many other species throughout the duration of the hunting season, and get to see all sorts of habitat and wildlife all over our Province. I have a strong passion for hunting and conservation, and hopefully by joining WSSBC I can contribute to the fantastic work that has been occurring in our province.

Daniel McLaren

My obsession with wild sheep came shortly after my return to Northern BC. I hadn’t hunted in years and after growing up hunting moose, deer, bear, and elk in NE BC, I felt it was time to step up my hunting game. I was going to kill the elusive stone sheep. Like many of you, this process consumed me. I needed to know everything I could find out about sheep. For that first year I spent many late nights researching populations, sheep studies, maps, routes, gear, tactics. I went on an epic first sheep hunt that could have very easily ended in tragedy. Those mountains kicked our asses, yet the hours I spent laying amongst those sheep in their habitat that week made it all worthwhile. I came away from that hunt with a whole new respect for the mountains and anything that calls them home. Since returning from that trip I’ve made some huge changes in my lifestyle and now hold a higher appreciation for life: I eat better; exercise more; read as many books, papers, studies as I can get my hands on; and watch as many webinars and educational videos as possible. I feel this makes me a better person and, in a way, provides me with a more fulfilling life, yet it has left me asking myself, “What more can I do for wild sheep?”.

My recent professional background is in industrial maintenance. I spent the 5 years prior to my current job in project management with a mechanical contractor. I was tasked with safely keep client’s needs met, providing maintenance contracts, project quotes, emergency shutdown and turnaround manning, and supervising 100+ maintenance contractors at times. It was 24/7 on call assisting in production problem solving for various industries in western Canada.

Over time I realized I was missing a huge part of who I am; the wilderness; so I took a local maintenance job here in Dawson Creek, British Columbia where I’m home every night with a 50/50 work life balance, leaving me some spare time to get outside again. I made myself a promise to use some of that time to give back to the wildlife I pursue and keep informed on changes to hunting regulation, loss of hunting and land use opportunities, and conservation efforts.

I started a personal online wildlife project and my first attempt at social media (@northernconservation on Instagram) where I’ve dabbled in fundraising and spreading awareness for wildlife organizations and sharing sustainable hunting practices. With the northern conservation platform I’m also able to share some of my many hobbies and passions like hunting, fishing, writing, photography and video creation, all while exploring new country and making new and amazing friends in the wildlife conservation, hunting and biology communities along the way.

I apply for this BOD opportunity not only to seek mentorship from conservation legends but to give the wild sheep back some of my time for how they’ve shaped my life over the last 8 or so years. It would also be bit of a thank you to the WSSBC community and current directors for giving me the opportunity to help out with local projects and providing guidance, insight and friendship these last few years.

I feel I would be able to assist your organization in the following ways: I’ve got boots on the ground experience in sheep / wildlife surveys and captures. I have a background in project management, situation de-escalation, supervision for safety endorsement.  As a journeyman industrial mechanic I’ve developed strong problem solving, critical thinking and decision making skills which have been the key to successful and safe expeditions season after season into the back country. I’ve got photography / video equipment and editing capabilities with an eye to accompany it; self-taught social media and marketing skills; existing positive relationships in sheep community; and a passion for wildlife and thirst for knowledge.

I recently donated the logo / branding fundraiser idea I created, Ovis Dalli Stonei and it’s sheep hunter following, to WSSBC. In exchange, the proceeds from ODS merchandise goes back to stone sheep projects. I would love to continue to help grow and evolve the Ovis Dalli Stonei brand and maybe even branch into logo development for the other sheep species found in BC. These could be added to the WSSBC store all while helping develop new or carry out existing sheep projects, and taking on other volunteer opportunities with as much boots on the ground assistance as I can handle.

Greg Nalleweg

I reside in Kamloops and I try to assist WSSBC throughout the year.  I am a monarch member working towards my Silver status and I try to be as engaged as possible locally.  I am always looking for ways to further contribute, like the possibility of a WSSBC golf tournament fundraiser.

I am an entrepreneur and own one of the largest electrical contracting companies in Kamloops.  I have the ability to set my own schedule within reason, I am still the primary estimator for my company so when bids are due I have hard timelines, but other than that I am able to be fairly flexible, and even when bids are due generally speaking I am able to complete these remotely.  I also am able to offer my administration team to assist with some tasks if required in order to help out WSSBC.  My company and myself are very involved in our community, we volunteer for several different organizations and I truly believe in giving back to my community and the organizations/activities I a enjoy being apart of.  

I have 2 boys, 8 and 11 that really appreciate the outdoors, they come with me to all of the sheep counts in the fraser river and also the spences bridge event precovid.  I believe in leading by example and showing them that participation and giving back are important.  They also attend local volunteering events with me and have attained somewhat of a rockstar status at some events which is quite amusing and honestly just makes me so proud that they are known and missed the very odd time they are not able to attend.

Not sure what else to say, I really do enjoy the community I have been getting to know within the WSSBC organization, I have met a lot of interesting people, and I will continue to make new relationships as well as grow existing ones as I continue to be involved whether I become a board member or not.  I do appreciate everyone’s time in considering me, I would be happy to answer and further questions anyone might have and I look forward to being a contributing member of this great organization.  Thank you and have a great day.

Frank Turner

Born and raised on a family farm north of Cochrane Alberta. This provided me the opportunity to build a strong work ethic and passion for everything outdoors at a young age. My love for sheep and the mountains came at the age of 14 when I harvested my ewe bighorn sheep “encountering 4 grizzlies along the way”. Additional leading me to guiding sheep hunters for my father’s outfitting business. All along the way still looking my first and only Bighorn Ram. 

I reside on a ranch in Southern, Alberta in the foothills of the Rockies with my wife of 31yrs Lois. We raised 4 wonderful children, 2 sons and 2 daughters plus one son-in-law and a grandson. I was lucky to have a father and grandfather that taught me all about hunting, land stewardship and conservations. Same teachings I have instilled into my children.  

This passion for conservation drove me to join the Wild Sheep Foundation of Alberta “Life Member”. Elected to the board in 2011, sitting on the executive team as Secretary. Not one to sit still when initiative needs to be tackled, participating on the following committees: project, election & bylaw lead, conservation scholarship liaison and on Alberta Game Policy Advisory Council “Government Counsel”. As a WSF life & Chadwick Ram Society member I currently sit on the following committees: Membership and the Chadwick Ram Society. I am a WSSBC Life Member and WSSBC membership committee member,

 My family having a recreation property within Northern BC has spurred me to get more involved from a wildlife conservation standpoint. I feel as Directors we need to all conserve this resource for all generations to enjoy. Disease, predation, habitat enhancement are key to this and changing the general public opinion of hunting as a conservation management tool. These are key areas that I will continue to push forward as a Director. 

We share a common boarder where our sheep cross over. Being involved with your organization will bring me a different perspective in collaborating and strengthening both our great provinces. Conservation and paying it forward is key. I come with strong leadership, conservation & collaboration experience. It would be an honor to serve on your Board of Directors.



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