This was to be WSSBC’s third year of supporting our young 4H membership and provincial sheep show
at the Interior Provincial Exhibition in Armstrong BC. Unfortunately, due to the current pandemic- this
amazing event had to be cancelled.

WSSBC has built relations with the Armstrong Multi club and recently one of the members has moved the Lumby 4H club. WSSBC has attended and supported the IPE and 4H for the past 2 years and has been grateful to come and share information regarding MOVI transmission and has began building strong relationships within the domestic community. The end goal-spread critical information and create a healthier future for not only wild sheep but for the domestic sheep as well.

In 2018 WSSBC purchased 3 lambs from young 4H members at the IPE. One of these lambs was a ewe in which we have placed at Otter Creek Farms with Dan and Anna to care for on our behalf. We had this
lovely ewe bred and she provided 2 beautiful ram lambs February 27 2020.

Otter Creek Farms have been an amazing promoter and supporter of WSSBC and became MOVI free in 2018. They have been providing MOVI free lambs to 4H kids for the past year and hope to continue their
Movi free status in the years ahead.

For the 2019/2020 season WSSBC ran a MOVI Essay contest specific for 4H members to win their following years lamb project. Being graced with 2 lambs, WSSBC was able to support two incredible
individuals with their lamb projects despite the challenges this year has provided.

We are currently in contact with the IPE and how we can continue to support these groups especially with
the sad news the Interior Provincial Exhibition has been cancelled for 2020 and many 4H members have
market lamb projects at home. Stay tuned for more details to come and how you might be able to support
our young supporters!

A heartfelt congratulations to our winners of the WSSBC MOVI Essay Contest. These two individuals
have been champions of sharing information about Mycoplasma Ovipneumoniae and how it is

Both Poppy and Scott had their lambs tested last year at the IPE and continue to learn about
and share the importance of having their sheep tested and helping stop the spread of MOVI. Keep an eye out for the monthly updates on how these two lambs are doing, as both Poppy and Scott will be
keeping us posted with pictures and updates.

WSSBC would also like to give a huge thank you to Otter Creek Farms for taking such great care of our ewe and helping provide us with 2 beautiful lambs.

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The British Columbia Sheep Separation Program (BCSSP) is an important program for BC’s wild sheep, promoting healthy wild sheep throughout the province by reducing contact between wild and domestic sheep.

Have you witnessed contact between wild and domestic sheep? This presents real risk to our wild herds, please report to:


More information:

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