Wild Sheep Society of BC


  • President – Kyle Stelter
  • Past President – Rodney Zeeman
  • Vice President – Korey Green
  • Vice President – Mike Southin
  • Secretary – Helen Christiansen
  • Treasurer – Joseph Humphries


  • Richard Christiansen
  • Rob Englot
  • Peter Gutsche
  • Josh Hamilton
  • Robin Routledge
  • Brad Siemens
  • Mark Trousdell
  • Naomi Weeks

Directors at Large

  • Chris Barker
  • David Heitsman
  • Bill Pastorek
  • Mike Schroeder

Admin Support – Kelly Cioffi

Standing: President Kyle Stelter, Director Peter Gutsche, Vice President Mike Southin, Director Josh Hamilton, Secretary Helen Christiansen, Director Robin Routledge, Treasurer Joe Humphries, Vice President Korey Green,  Lisa Hettrich, Director Naomi Weeks, Director Richard Christiansen, Director Robbie Englot.
Kneeling: Director at Large David Heitsman, Director Brad Siemens, Director Mark Trousdell, Past President Rodney Zeeman.

Are you interested in volunteering for the Wild Sheep Society of British Columbia or maybe even serving on our Board of Directors?  For information please click HERE