Wild Sheep Ambassador


The Wild Sheep Society of BC’s Wild Sheep Ambassador Partnership recognizes individuals in British Columbia’s wild sheep community that go above and beyond in supporting wild sheep conservation in British Columbia.  It is no secret that the wild sheep population suffer from numerous challenges including habitat lost, predation, disease, and encroachment.  Fortunately, as a Society we have a host of individuals that are conservation focused making a conscious decision to support wildlife and wild spaces.  WSSBC’s Wild Sheep Ambassador Partnership recognizes this support and we have developed an important relationship with those that meet our criteria for participating in our program.


We have always had a strong following of wild sheep advocates that have supported our efforts.  Of late, we have had individuals “step up” in our community and have taken volunteering to a higher level.  The Wild Sheep Society of BC celebrates these environmentally conscious individuals and we have created the Wild Sheep Ambassador partnership to recognize their commitment.

What are the benefits of being a Wild Sheep Ambassador?

By earning the certification of Wild Sheep Ambassador an individual sets a high standard of environmental leadership within British Columbia’s wild sheep community.  We continue to witness dedication in our wild sheep family that is unparalleled and we want to celebrate this commitment.

Becoming a Wild Sheep Ambassador earns the individual certain privileges and with it a level of conservation responsibility.  Our Wild Sheep Ambassador’s will be celebrated and recognized for their dedication.  They have earned a spot in our Society through their commitment to our vision and mission.

In return they will be recognized in all our communications as a Wild Sheep Ambassador which includes our website, social media network, and print media.  They will receive a Wild Sheep Ambassador Sitka Redline LS Shirt adorned with our Wild Sheep Ambassador markings.  Privileges will also include discounts on merchandise as well as discounts to our events and will be the first to sport new merchandise.  Most importantly they will set a standard of conservation leadership that other members will look up to and aspire to.

How does one become a Wild Sheep Ambassador?

The Wild Sheep Society of BC’s Wild Sheep Ambassadors are reserved for our most dedicated supporters.  Seeking out our Ambassadors does not involve applications and resumes.  We are well aware of the individuals that go above and beyond for wild sheep conservation in British Columbia and we reach out to them for initiation.  In other words, our Ambassadors truly are someone special when it comes to wild sheep conservation in BC and there really is no doubt who you are.

That said our Communications Committee will review our Wild Sheep Ambassador program periodically and make recommendations to the main board of Directors.  Anyone who becomes a WSSBC Wild Sheep Ambassador will be voted in by our Board of Directors.  One criterion of becoming and maintaining a Wild Sheep Ambassadorship is that you are a Wild Sheep Society of BC member in good standing.

What are my expectations as a Wild Sheep Ambassador?

Our Wild Sheep Ambassadors have achieved the highest level of recognition by the Board of Directors.  You are expected to maintain an image that is becoming of our wild sheep conservation community and strive to ensure the WSSBC image remains in a positive light at all times.  This is true in the public and social media realms that your comments and actions are held to a high standard.  We also require that you reveal any wildlife infractions in the previous five years to the Board of Directors during the review process.

Aside from that we only ask that you strive to support the Wild Sheep Society of BC’s mandate of protecting and enhancing wild sheep and their habitat in beautiful British Columbia.

I want to become a Wild Sheep Ambassador.  How do I do it?

As previously outlined, our Wild Sheep Ambassadors have achieved the highest level of recognition by our Board of Directors.  In other words, we will find you.  If you really want to enjoy this elevated community of wild sheep advocates, let your actions speak words and get involved in our conservation efforts.  Talk to your Board of Directors and find ways to get involved in wild sheep conservation in British Columbia.  We are always seeking volunteers to assist with our efforts and by jumping in and becoming involving with WSSBC you to will earn that level of recognition.