When: October 15-16th

Who: Anyone who wants to help

Where: We’ll meet in the morning at 9 am at the Tim Hortons on Fairview Rd in Penticton and drive out from there. Adam can send directions to the enclosure for anyone who can’t meet at that time.

What to bring: bring some tools like cordless power drills, pliers for twisting wire, ladders, gloves, shovels and rakes. Anything else that might be handy for fencing and moving piles of junk. If you have a truck you’re willing to use for hauling garbage out of the pens, bring it!

The University of Saskatchewan, along with Ministry of Forests Lands and Natural Resource Operations, and the Penticton Indian Band have developed a research program to create and implement management options for mange in California Bighorn Sheep (Psoroptes ovis – the parasite that causes their crusty, droopy ears). Local sheep will be captured and penned, treated with a new drug and monitored for several months. The Work Bee will be prepping the pen site, the final step before capture and move in late in October.

The Wild Sheep Society of BC has donated $5,000 in funding to help get this project off the ground.

Please contact Adam Herring with any comments or questions.

1 (250) 896-7974
You can see a PDF version of this announcement by clicking here.