Have you ever wanted to leave a legacy of conservation?

One that will forever be on the landscape?


The Wild Sheep Society of British Columbia is pleased to offer a second opportunity, with our “Adopt a Property- Granby B.C. “ campaign.  This one is with a twist.  An anonymous donor has committed to match up to $25,000 in member donated funds toward the purchase of DL493 which is the adjoining lot to DL492 that was purchased in February of 2020.  As well, the Wild Sheep Society of BC has committed $15,000 in funds to the land acquisition

Lot A DL 493 is 35 hectares (86 acres) of open, south-facing bunchgrass grassland that merges into bedrock outcrops on its upper slope. Lot A is just 2 km east of Grand Forks, British Columbia. It borders SILT’s 109-hectare DL 492 Bighorn Grassland property. Lot A is year round habitat for a healthy herd of 200-300 California bighorn sheep. Rams and ewes of all ages use the land. It is also excellent spring range for mule deer and white-tailed deer. Several species-at-risk occur, including rattlesnake, gophersnake, spadefoot toad, tiger salamander and badger.

For more information on DL493 please consult the following: Lot A DL 493 info sheet

We are asking our members to help us to preserve this property for the Gilpin California Bighorn Herd.  All donations are eligible for a charitable tax receipt and in addition your contribution is Monarch eligible.  As well, we are further recognizes our members donations by offering the following gifts:

  • $2500 – Adopt a Property Granby SITKA Jetstream Jacket
  • $1500 – Adopt a Property Granby SITKA Fanatic Hoody
  • $500 – Adopt a Property Granby SITKA Hat

To participate in this offer please email exec@wildsheepsociety.com with your full contact information including phone number and the amount you wish to donate to this worthy conservation cause.  Not only are you receiving some cool prizes, and a charitable taz receipt, you are doubling your contribution with our anonymous donor matching your donation.  There has never been a better opportunity to support wild sheep conservation in BC.


DL492 Acquisition From February 2020

With your help, the WSSBC, in February 2020, entered into a purchase agreement supporting the Southern Interior Land Trust to acquire a property located just outside Grand Forks, British Columbia.

This location encompasses 269.9 acres of open, rolling bunchgrass grassland interspersed with patches of trembling aspen-rose thickets and scattered black hawthorn shrubs. Ponderosa pine and Douglas-fir cling to the steep north-aspect valley sides of Morrissey Creek. The property is excellent deer spring range and as year-round habitat for bighorn sheep. The songful meadowlark is common in spring and summer.

Several other species call this place home, including rattlesnake, gophersnake, spadefoot toad, tiger salamander and badger. Some of these species are considered at-risk right here in British Columbia.

With your help, this wild sheep habitat has been protected for the future.


In February 2020, WSSBC and it’s dedicated member contributed $50,000 to assist in the acquisition of DL 492.

Partners in this project included:

Wild Sheep Society of British Columbia
Southern Interior Land Trust
Brandow Family
Granby Guides and Outfitters

Our members and supporters directly contributed a phenomenal $31,925.  WSSBC contributed a further $18,075 for a total combined contribution of $50,000.  Thank you to all our members for all you do for wild sheep conservation.

WSSBC recognizes the following members who  contributed to this important habitat acquisition:

2500 Plus Contribution (Sitka – Adopt a Property Granby Jetstream Jacket)
Abbotsford Rod and Gun Club Kyle Stelter Ugo Bortolotto (In Memory of)
1500 Plus Contribution (Sitka – Adopt a Property Granby Fanatic Hoody)  
Nathan French Ben Berukoff Greg Rensmaag
Mike Tomlinson West Kootenay Rod and Gun Club Jeff Agostinho
Ricky Roman Stu Rhodes  
500 Plus Contribution (Sitka – Adopt a Property Granby Hat)  
David Heitsman Scott Albrechtsen Casey Cawston
Dean Bergen Marty Thomas Lawrence van der Peet
Robin Routledge Rick Taylor Jennifer Reid
Taylor Nairn Allen McEwan Kyle Snipes

Habitat Direction Statement for DL-492