There is a pandemic happening amongst wild sheep.

The infectious bacteria known as Mycoplasma Ovipneumoniae (M.Ovi) is a deadly bacteria that is passed from domestic sheep to wild sheep.
Enter Dr. Helen Schwantje, the lead wildlife veterinarian for the BC Provincial government and a sheep farmer. Helen is at the forefront of the battle against M.Ovi.
Working with a handful of other passionate scientists and volunteers, they’re doing what they can to try and stop the spread of this killer.
There is no shortage of struggles…a lack of resources, a lack of public awareness, a lack of proven science, and the biggest foe of all… a lack of time.
Kyle and Steve sit down with Jesse Bone, WSSBC Director and Producer of the new film ‘Transmission’ that documents this struggle.

The premier private screening of this film will be held April 23, 2022 in Prince George BC.  For more details visit: