South Okanagan Bighorn Sheep Disease Symposium: Managing Sheep Health in the Face of Multiple Diseases – From Disease to Resiliency …


Date: Thursday, February 22nd, 2024

Location: Penticton, British Columbia

The Wild Sheep Society of BC (WSSBC) is sponsoring the South Okanagan Bighorn Sheep Disease Symposium on Thursday, February 22nd, 2024, during the WSSBC Salute to Conservation, and Annual General Meeting from February 22nd – 25th, 2024 hosted at the Penticton Trade and Convention Centre, Penticton, British Columbia (BC).

The symposium will follow up on a commitment made by the WSSBC at the 2022 BC Wild Sheep Summit (in Prince George). The South Okanagan Bighorn Sheep Disease Symposium will be collaborative, bringing wild sheep researchers, First Nations, wildlife professionals, knowledge holders, hunters, outfitters, guides, government staff, and wild sheep advocates together. The goal being to promote the use of science in the management of wild sheep health in general, and for South Okanagan bighorn sheep specifically. Sharing and building on all ways of knowledge, methods, results, and lessons learned here in BC and elsewhere are the recipes to recovery and conservation of wild sheep in BC.

Workshop Goal

The goal of the symposium is to have invited speakers present, discuss, and share information among attendees. The symposium will create a shared knowledge base and identify opportunities for cooperation in addressing BC’s most critical wild sheep health challenges,  strengthening the collaborative approach that continues to support wild sheep management and conservation in the South Okanagan and across British Columbia. Our goal is to take these sheep populations from Disease to Resiliency.


Event Package

The South Okanagan Bighorn Sheep Disease Symposium Package below is a good guidelines to what the day will look like. Inside the package we elaborate on our workshop goals, how the Symposium will address wild sheep health challenges, the Agenda for the day, Symposium contacts, and additional information you may require. You can also click here.

South Okanagan Bighorn Sheep Disease Symposium

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