We welcome Briden Solutions owner Kristen Bullock to the show to discuss planning and executing the perfect backcountry trip from a food perspective. Kristen has been in the outdoor food solutions industry for over a decade and breaks down the importance of planning your trip, what you want in your pack and the what to consider in planning your trip. She recommends specific brands and talks about how the backcountry food market has changed over the past decade.

Prior to welcoming Kristen to the show we are joined by DIY backpack hunting specialist Mike Kirk. Mike learned by attending the school of hard knocks; what to do and what not to do, when venturing into the mountains on multi-day expedition. Early trips in his teens with an extra set of boots and lots of set backs, set the stage for Mike to refine his craft and after three decades is a wealth of knowledge. Mike’s practical experience coupled with his meticulous research makes him a great resource for other DIY backcountry hunters looking to refine food options in the mountains.

With Mike’s practical experience and Kristen’s product knowledge there are few things a backcountry hunter will need to learn after this podcast. We guarantee you will learn a thing or two on this show.

For you next hunt be sure to check out Briden Solutions at www.bridensolutions.ca, be sure to check them out. Below are two recipes that Mike shares – check out Briden Solutions for freeze dried solutions whether you are making your own or want a ready made soltution.

Delicious oatmeal for the successful sheep hunter.

Recipe 1

1 cup of quick cooking steel cut oats (Bob’s Red Hill)

4 TBSP whole powdered milk

Dark chocolate nibs to taste

2 TBSP of shredded unsweetened coconut

1 TBSP hemp seeds

1 TSP chia seeds

2 TBSP sliced almonds

Recipe 2

Oats and milk as recipe 1

⅛ cup freeze dried strawberries

⅛ cup freeze dried blueberries

1 TBSP sunflower seeds

1 TBSP hemp seeds

Prepare each meal in a small ziplock and add boiling water directly to bag and list sit for two minutes. A good starting point is ½ cup of boiling water but you can adjust amount to preference.  All the recipes are super easy and you can vary all ingredients to taste and appetite.