We visit with Wild Sheep Foundation Vice-Chair Glen Landrus out of Washington state. During the day Glen is a teacher, however he is an ardent conservationist, Guide Outfitter and hard core sheep hunter. On this show we talk about Glen’s passion for wild sheep and where that came from, how he completed his Desert Sheep hunt on a $20 raffle ticket and his favorite hunt of all time. We are going to take you back in time as this podcast is conducted in Glen’s high school shop so you get to hear the occasional recess bell also.

This is a great listen as Glen is as passionate as anyone about sheep hunting. He has one FNAWS (all four North American Wild Sheep) under his belt and well into his second one. He talks about where he sits in relation to the 700 club (combined scored of all four North American Wild Sheep reaching 700 points) and although he references that, the score has nothing to do with why he hunts.

Glen is Chair of the Wild Sheep Foundation’s Life Member Breakfast, and with it being Sheep Week Glen talks about what is in store this year for the Breakfast. Anyone that is not a Life Member should think about signing up and anyone that is, needs to make sure they are registered for the event. See below for registration instructions.

You are going to love this show – as Glen is a lively guy with passion for wild sheep beyond belief.  He has been in the conservation arena for 25 years and you need to hear what he has to say.  Listen out and email at communications@wildsheepsociety.com with who Glen first hunted sheep with in British Columbia – we will enter your name into a random draw for a WSSBC hat or T-shirt (winner’s choice).

Sit back, relax and enjoy Episode sixteen with Glen Landrus.

  1. Register for SHEEP WEEK® The Experience Here: https://sheepweek.vfairs.com/
  2. Life Member Breakfast Virtual Event Here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/wsf-lifememberbreakfastvirtual-event-tickets-132438181165