Conservation COFFEE


Fuel your day and give back to wild sheep with BC local, sustainably roasted organic coffee!



WSSBC is proud to partner with Atlin Mountain Coffee Roasters

Together we have created 4 custom blends to represent each subspecies of wild sheep in BC. All are organic and locally wood roasted in Atlin BC.

Chadwick Blend- A dark multi origin blend with a smoky and sweet taste for our hardy Stone Sheep.

High Country Rambler- Columbia Medium Roast for those high country loving Rocky Mountain Bighorns. Fresh and Mellow for those frosty mornings by the fire.

Mountain Monarch- Med/Dark Multi Origin Blend that gives a smooth and earthy taste with a crisp edge. Perfect for the majestic California Bighorns.

Ovis Dalli- Peru Dark Roast with bold flavors and notes of caramel to represent our daringly bold Dall Sheep.

$1 from each bag sold goes into our conservation projects to fund disease research, habitat enhancement and herd health assessments.