Government Engagement Committee

Be a voice for Wild Sheep

We have made changes before, and we can do it again- But we need your help to do it.

Thank you for volunteering to join our MLA Engagement Team

Our goal is to have a dedicated team of volunteers that will meet with their elected officials two times per year to raise concerns to them on behalf of Wild Sheep Society of BC.

Please see our list of Regional Chairs for our Government Engagement team.

Government Engagement Committee:

Chair – Kyle Stelter –

Vice-Chair – Greg Rensmaag –

Chris Barker –

Michael Kirk –

Michael Surbey –

Regional Chairs

Region 1 – David Hale –

Region 2 – Mitch Bledsoe –

Region 2 – Joe Eppele –

Region 3 – Ken Jyrkkanen –

Region 4 – Jonathan Proctor –

Region 5 – Matt Jones –

Region 6 – Lucas Oke –

Region 7A – Steve Hamilton –

Region 7B – Robin Routledge –

Region 8 – Amberlee Ficociello –

Current Issue

We are asking you to meet with your elected MLA twice per year.  The current concern is surrounding the push from certain entities away from science and evidence based wildlife management to one based on social licence and the sentiment of the greater public.

Below are some talking point and a document that will help you in your meeting with your elected official:

I am passionate about wildlife, habitat and all that encompasses it. Hunters contribute over $320 million a year into the economy in BC. Hunters donate tens of thousands of volunteer time into conservation projects in BC every year. We are concerned that hunting will be closed due to emotional pressure and social management.

The priority for hunters is conservation- no one would argue if science dictated a closure. We fully support sound scientific decisions. We do not want extinction or extirpation of any species.

Harvesting across all species is proven by science to be the best thing for wildlife to allow it to thrive.

If a ban on hunting is allowed to pass, Guide Outfitters, taxidermists, meat processors and countless other communities will again face catastrophic loss as with the grizzly bear hunt closure.

Wildlife and habitat is woefully underfunded in BC- it has not seen a meaningful increase in over 45+ years.

Science and evidence need to dictate wildlife policy in BC. Wildlife and habitat needs more funding.

MLA Talking Points

Meet with your Regional Chair

We kindly ask that you report to your Regional Chair on the outcome of your meeting with your elected official.  Getting feedback to our committee is an important part of this process.  If you have met with your MLA please let your Regional Chair (listed above) know the results.

Regional Representative

For those with less time on their hands and can assist with our Government Engagement, we also need representatives to meet with their local MLA.  Again, as mentioned earlier we need a rep in each riding.  Our mandate for this initiative is for a WSSBC rep to meet their local MLA a minimum of two times per year, so you will need to set aside roughly 2-3 hours per year for this.  We will be sure to provide you with talking points and material for your meetings.

If you are interested in serving as a WSSBC riding representative, please email with your name, what riding you represent and clearly outline you are volunteering as a RIDING REPRESENTATIVE.

We have seen the positive effects engaging with government has had on wildlife management and you can make a difference in BC.  We have the government’s ear and if we keep up with engagement we will continue to drive positive change for wildlife and their habitat in British Columbia.