Steve and Kyle catch up with T.J., touching base on a variety of topics including his recent hunts, how he achieved his F.N.A.W.S., issues relating to wild sheep including illegal harvest of young rams and the need for more people to get involved in the conservation movement.  This podcast is a little emotive at times and we catch T.J. saying that he is going to get some hate mail for some of his statements.  However, this is an honest and genuine talk about wild sheep and some of the issues we face.

For T.J. the hunt is as much about the adventure as it is about the pursuit of game and he has hunted around the globe. He is recognized as a mountain-hunting expert and is always in search of unique adventures that challenge both him and his gear. He has hunted six continents and considers himself blessed to have experienced so many cultures.

T.J and his partner Vanessa share a real passion for Africa. They have hunted the Dark Continent eleven times and have not only taken some great animals but also shared their harvest with and brought humanitarian supplies to those less fortunate in some of Africa’s most remote regions. He is, however, still proud to call Canada and all its incredible hunting opportunities home.