Kyle and Steve get a chance to sit down with one heck of a busy woman in Jessie Krebs. If you think you have an idea of tough in the back country is, you gotta listen to this episode.

Jessie Krebs is a former U.S. Air Force SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape.) Training Instructor from the old school days when instructors were simply called “Survival Instructors”. As one of a handful of women in the male dominated S.E.R.E. career field, Jessie outsmarted and out-toughed many of her male counterparts in the Air Force to make it through the intense S.E.R.E. training program (class 91-02) and earn her right to a coveted position as an Air Force SERE Specialist.

Oh. Toss in that she is one of only a handful of modern human beings ever to complete a primitive crossing of hundreds of miles of Tanzanian Serengeti on FOOT!

This is one episode that you will not want to miss as they dive deep into her career in the Air Force, as well as her time on TV and what that really looks like, as well as what is coming up in the future for her as she begins her own venture of the O.W.L program.

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