Mike Bridger has been a friend of the WSSBC as long as we can remember. Steve and Kyle finally get to sit down with him and catch up on how things are going in his life, and the state of wildlife in British Columbia.

Mike’s position as a Wildlife Biologist currently working on Northeast Resource Management and Major Projects has taken him around the province of British Columbia, so he has more than a firm grasp on some of the issues we are facing holistically when it comes to wildlife and habitat.  They dig into sheep, habitat and of course the ever-controversial caribou recovery program- and the resulting wolf reduction.  There is also an update on the illegal sheep that have been harvested in BC in 2021 – a particularly bad year.

This is a great episode that should bring to light a bit of clarity on where we were, and how we move forward to do what is truly best for wildlife and habitat in B.C Don’t forget to hit that follow button wherever you podcast, and thanks for listening.