We sit down with PhD Student Siobhan Darlington and talk wildlife conservation.  Siobhan is currently completing her PhD at University of British Columbia Okanagan and is the lead on the Southern BC Cougar Project.  She shares with us the work she conducted on her Masters where she was involved with the Alberta Boreal Deer project.  This study touch on conservation concerns around whitetail deer, habitat disturbances and the influence of predators.

Siobhan dives into her current project and gives us an overview of cougar-prey dynamics and response to wildfire and human disturbances in southern British Columbia. She is incredibly passionate and knowledgable about the role cougars play in the ecosystem and the impact humans are having on them and the impact cougars are having on ungulate populations.

For more on Siobhan’s work you can follow her at https://siobhandarlington.weebly.com/ and if you have an experience with a big cat she would love to hear from you at bccougarproject@gmail.com