This is one for the books – from TV Celebrity to Taxidermist to Social Media Influencer to Hunter there is not much that Laura Zerra has not done.  Having starred in Naked and Afraid FIVE times, Laura is no stranger to the camera.  The day before our podcast she did an Instagram Story of how to skin a road killed deer that her and her friend came across.  Laura is possibly the most interesting guest we have had on the show and she had Steve and Kyle in stitches for most of it.  That said, Laura is a bad ass survivalist and know what it takes to keep alive in the back country.  From her formative years she was discovering what it takes to be alone and succeed in the wild and she imparted many of her life lessons of surviving in the backcountry.

This is one show we are confident you will enjoy, get a few good laughs and definitely learn a few survival strategies.

Check our Laura’s book ” A Modern Guide to Knife Making” at and be sure to check out her show Decivilized on Carbon TV: