Are you ready for an epic sheep tale?  WSSBC Treasurer Joe Humphries delivers in spades on this two hour episode of highs and lows – everything you would expect on a sheep hunt.

Joe talks about his successes and failures, the highs and low and lastly about being kicked out of the Less Than One (<1) Club.  This story talks about one mans solo journey and how he was successful in anchoring his first sheep.

Not only does Joe tell a mean sheep hunting tale, he also talks about what conservation means to him.  He has been instrumental in the Wild Sheep Society of BC serving as Treasurer for several years.  Joe’s name has been on close to 1 million dollars in raffle applications on behalf of the Society.  Saying that Joe has been pivotal in WSSBC’s conservation fundraising efforts is a gross understatement.

Sit back, grab a cold one and enjoy Joe’s journey as he tells a spirited story about being kicked out of the Less Than One (<1) Club.  Joe, thank you for all you do to support wild sheep conservation in BC.

For more details and to join the Wild Sheep Foundation’s <1 Club visit