Steve and Kyle welcome Dr. Ian Baird to the show.  Ian has a resume a mile long when it comes to wild sheep conservation. He is the Treasurer of the Abbotsford Fish and Game Club and was instrumental in forging a partnership with the Wild Sheep Society of BC.  Through WSSBC’s Community Conservation Partnership, Abbotsford Fish and Game commitment will result in our two organization putting $40,000 back into wild sheep projects in BC.

We have reached out to our members and the public to match this commitment which will result in $60,000 going to support wild sheep projects.

During the show we talk about Ian’s fall hunts, the history of Abbotsford Fish and Game and what the future holds for the organization.

To support this conservation movement, WSSBC is seeking a match from our supporters during the month of November.

Are you interested in turning $1 in to $3 for Fraser River Bighorn Sheep?

The Wild Sheep Society of BC is proud to partner with the Abbotsford Fish and Game Club.  Earlier this year, Abbotsford Fish and Game signed in to support the Wild Sheep Society of BC in restoring Bighorn Sheep on the Fraser River.  In this agreement, WSSBC has asked their members and members of the public to step up in support.

For every dollar that you contribute, it will be matched by Abbotsford Fish and Game and WSSBC up to $20,000.  What that means is a $1 donation for wild sheep means that an additional $2 will go on the ground.  This is a fantastic opportunity to support the Fraser River Bighorns and help leave a legacy that future generations will enjoy.

Are you interested in helping out?  Contributions for this project above $500 are Monarch eligible for any one wishing to participate in our Monarch Membership program.  Plus again, for every $1 you contribute you will be effectively putting $3 forward for wild sheep.  There has never been a better time to support wild sheep conservation.

Make a difference today.  For more information on how to participate or to contribute to this project contact Michael Surbey at