Bill Jex, British Columbia’s Provincial Wild Sheep & Mountain Goat Specialist knows a thing or two about wild sheep.  We sit down with Bill for a deep dive on the state of wild sheep and an update on mountain goats in the province.  Bill gives us some great insight into the challenges that wild sheep face in BC and the importance of the work that is currently being done here.

He discusses that status of our Bighorns and Thinhorns and what we can do as conservationists to support their health and well-being. Bill is asking for your observations of Mountain Goat, Thinhorn Sheep and Bighorn Sheep from around B.C. Specifically, observations that record the location and presence of newborn kids and lambs, along with later observations of nanny/kid and ewe/lamb groups throughout the year.

The Provincial Wild Sheep and Mountain Goat Natal App allows conservationists and members of the public to easily submit what they see. The data collected will be used to inform B.C.’s Regional Biologists when making important decisions around wild sheep and goat conservation as well as provide information on the effects of changing climates and other environmental and human pressures on the wild sheep and goat populations.

This is a great update from Bill on wild sheep and numerous projects that are being conducted here in BC.