Donald C Martin, aka Hollywood – esteemed President of the California Chapter of the Wild Sheep Foundation, Director of Hunting Operations for Ultima Thule and professional actor.  Winner of the Wild Sheep Foundation G. C. F. Dalziel Outstanding Guide of the Year Award, he is an award winning guide. Donald is just an all around great guy, humble, and a man that will make you laugh from the moment you see him until he bids you Adieu.

Hollywood has several decades of mountain guiding experience and his resume is as good as it gets when it comes to the mountains and mountain game.  That aside, Donald is a passionate conservationist and one of the biggest supporters of wild sheep conservation out there.  During show season you will find him on an airplane flying around North America supporting Chapter and Affiliates in their fundraising initiatives.

During this session Donald speaks about where his passion for the mountains comes from, his interest in wild sheep conservation and why he dedicates his time, treasure and talent.  He also talks about the state of wild sheep in California and the successes they are enjoying in the golden state.  This is a great listen with Donald C Martin – enjoy!