We welcome UBC-O Masters Student Laura Balyx to the show.  Laura is a well spoken and very passionate individual that is going to make strides for wildlife in British Columbia. Laura has a Bachelor of Natural Resource Science (BNRSc), from Thompson Rivers University and her Masters Research Summary is the spatial ecology of mountain goats in Cathedral Provincial Park. She is completing her thesis under Dr. Adam Ford at UBC-O.

We cover three primary topics with Laura.  We dive into the recent push by certain entities away from science and evidence based wildlife management to one based on social licence.  We also talk about Laura’s involvement in the Cathedral Provincial Park Mountain Goat project and the work she is conducting there.  We also discuss her involvement in the wild sheep mycoplasma ovipneumoniae project the Wild Sheep Society of BC has been heavily vested in the past two years.

Laura is bright and articulate and is going to do some amazing things for wildlife as we move forward. Enjoy the show – the future looks bright with young talent like Laura coming into our wildlife management ranks.