Please note that this may not be suitable for children as there is explicit language.

We sit down and talk the art and science of making knives with Tanner Dannish of Frontiersman Gear.  He is a BC based craftsman that focuses on custom knife making.  Tanner talks about what is involved in building a custom knife, how he approaches it and what he uses to build that perfect custom for a customer.  For backcountry aficionados, Tanner talks about what he recommends on a mountain hunt, how to take care of your blade on a multi-day trip and what you should do to after the season has ended.

We also discuss the Stonei.  Tanner collaborated with the Wild Sheep Society of BC to create a unique design for the sheep hunter.  These blades are lightweight, durable and built for the mountains.  A limited run of thirty knives were created exclusively for sale through the Wild Sheep Society of BC and we only have a few left.  If you are interested in getting on the presale list, email expressing your interest.

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