On this episode we get a chance to sit down with Dean Capuano, Swarovski Optik North America’s Director of Communication. He is also the host of Swarovski Optik Quests on the Sportsman’s Channel. Dean grew up with a hunting lifestyle and has hunted on five continents including anchoring a Dall and Stone’s Sheep. He reflects on these hunts, his most memorable times afield and where he focuses his outdoor pursuits these days.

We get into mountain optics and what sheep hunters want to look at when selecting their big four.- binoculars, spotter, rifle scope and range finder. Dean talks about what he uses in the field (and it isn’t always their highest end product).  He has his go to for the mountains and not surprising it is a compromise between magnification and weight. He also talks about some of the cool new products on offer from Swarovski, hints about some new things coming out shortly and discusses the companies ethos and how they focus on the hunting optic community and on a broader scale support the conservation movement. A great listen with an interesting guy you are going to enjoy.