Let your voice for wild sheep be heard


Please note that our engage period has ended.  During the engagement period we received 625 submissions.  Your comments and input will form the basis for our position statement with the government as we meet with them over the coming months to discuss their proposal to place wild sheep in Region Four on a Limited Entry Hunt.
Thank you once again to our members for their continued support and engagement.  We look forward to continue to represent your interests in wild sheep in BC.
The strength of the Wild Sheep Society of BC is how involved our membership is- and this is your chance to use your voice for wild sheep in the province of British Columbia.
The Provincial Government Branch of the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development (FLNRORD) has recently developed a regional bighorn sheep management plan for the Kootenay Boundary Region that evaluated population status, assessed threats and identified strategies to conserve and enhance populations.

Recommendations from the regional management plan were used to develop a list or priority actions to be implemented in specific Population Management Units (PMUs).

The Ministries management plan evaluated a number of harvest management alternatives that were most likely to meet harvest management objectives to increase mature ram escapement, reduce harvest of illegal rams and improve the quality of hunt for resident and non-resident hunters. A region-wide Limited Entry Hunt for the Kootenay Boundary Region option was determined to be most likely to meet the harvest management objectives specified in the plan.

While the Wild Sheep Society of BC recognizes we must make concessions as hunter conservationists, we will also hold the Ministry to account for habitat enhancement and more proactively addressing industry management concerns on your behalf.

The Ministry is currently reviewing the LEH option and consulting with stakeholders.  We ask for your assistance in completing the following questionnaire so that we can accurately reflect our members’ views when meeting with the government on this important matter.

You have until Friday October 15th to comment.


Please note the engagement period has now ended.  Thank you to all our members and supporters for your input.