Draft Provincial Grizzly Bear Stewardship Framework engagement

The Province of British Columbia recently released the Draft Provincial Grizzly Bear Stewardship Framework and is seeking public engagement.  We encourage you to engage in this process.

Now is your chance to let government know that how you feel about the DRAFT Grizzly Bear Stewardship Framework.  Please take the time to get involved and let your voice be heard.  The document has deficiencies and this is an opportunity for you to have input during the public engagement process.

What can I do to help?


Complete the Engagement Questionnaire located HERE.  View WSSBC’s engagement template if you need support. Please note that you do not need to be a British Columbia resident to complete the survey.


Send an additional physical letter to your elected officials including the Minister of Forests. Click the link HERE to find your MLA.  Please review our letter to Minister Ralston outlining our concerns.  We encourage you to also send that letter to the Premier and the Shadow Minister for Forests.


Meet with your Member of Parliament in person- and continue this engagement. We know from past experience, that these are the most effective ways to drive change.


Volunteer to assist the Wild Sheep Society of British Columbia on our Government Engagement network.  Send an email to exec@wildsheepsociety.com indicating your desire to join our Government Engagement network.

We urge you to engage your elected officials and let them know that socially managing wildlife is not acceptable, and that wildlife is not a pawn to gain electoral favour. We know that petitions are pushed aside, and that we need to engage on a deeper level.

The Society has numerous concerns around the DRAFT document.  The engagement process closes at 4 PM Pacific on September 8th.  The Framework document is robust and has a lot to digest.  As such, WSSBC has released a position statement in the form of a letter to the Minister of Forests.  We have completed a sample survey and provided it here for your consideration.  While we highly encourage you to come up with your own answers, these points may provide a starting point for your reference.

The critical part is that YOU COMPLETE THE ENGAGEMENT SURVEY by September 8th.

STEP 1 Complete the DRAFT Provincial Grizzly Bear Stewardship Framework engagement HERE

For reference:

Notes pertaining to the DRAFT Provincial Grizzly Bear Stewardship Framework engagement are HERE.

WSSBC LETTER to Minister Ralston, Minister of Forests is HERE

You can view the DRAFT Provincial Grizzly Bear Stewardship Framework HERE

We encourage you to share this page and comments with others as input is critical going forward.