It has never been more important than now to stand together as hunters, sport shooters, and legal and lawful firearms owners.

We need the support of each and everyone of you, as well as those who are concerned about democracy and how laws and legislation are written in our Country.

Take 2 to 3 minutes to send this letter to your Member of Parliament and let them know you do not approve of Bill C-21, it’s amendments, and how policy has been circumvented multiple times in the House of Commons.

Once you have sent it, physically print a copy and mail it as well.

It costs nothing to send a letter to their House of Commons addresses.

Tell a friend, tell a family member.

We need numbers. We must ACT NOW and have our voices heard.

We encourage everyone that is concerned by this to engage their Member of Parliament, no matter what side of the House of Commons they are on, and voice your thoughts in a rational and intelligent manner.


What can I do to help?


Locate your MP from the list above.  If you do not see your electoral area there refer to the following site:

Next, Fill out the form where it says “STEP 1 LOCATED HERE” .  An email will be sent with your name and email Prime Minister Trudeau, the Member of Parliament that represents you (as selected in the dropdown menu).  We will use the message in the letter below the form to send your message to our elected officials.


Send an additional physical letter to your elected officials Click the link HERE to find your MP- all you need is your postal code.

A template letter can be downloaded, edited and printed at: EDIT FORM LETTER HERE

Please ensure you fill out the ONLINE letter as well.


Meet with your Member of Parliament in person- and continue this engagement. We know from past experience, that these are the most effective ways to drive change.


Volunteer to assist the Wild Sheep Society of British Columbia on our Government Engagement network.  We have a goal of having 87 WSSBC member representatives in each riding across the province meet biannually with their elected MLA.  Send an email to indicating your desire to join our Government Engagement network.

We urge you to engage your elected officials and let them know that socially managing wildlife is not acceptable, and that wildlife is not a pawn to gain electoral favour. We know that petitions are pushed aside, and that we need to engage on a deeper level.

Bill C-21 Amendment letter to elected official

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Content of the letter sent to elected officials

Dear (Member of Parliament),

I am writing to you today to express my complete objection to Bill C-21, and all associated amendments.

Bill C-21 and all amendments to it are essentially a ban on all semi-automatic rifles and shotguns commonly used by hunters and licensed gun owners across the country.
I was shocked and outraged at the underhanded way this was snuck into the bill as an “amendment”, circumventing any study or debate and evading democracy entirely. This is not what Canada stands for.

This amendment and hunting gun prohibition will impact legal and lawful firearms owners, and directly targets hunters and sport-shooters instead of focusing on reducing actual crime, violence, and gun smuggling.

Statistics Canada:

  • Firearm-related violent crime represents a small proportion of police-reported violent crime in Canada, accounting for 2.8% of all victims of violent crime reported by police in 2020.
  • Ontario, Canada’s most populous province, shows that when handguns involved in crimes were traced in 2021, they were overwhelmingly – 85% of the time – found to have come from the United States.

Firearm-related homicides in Canada (2009-2020)

  • In 2020, police reported a total of 743 homicide victims in Canada or a rate of 1.95 per 100,000 population.

There is no mandate for this action and the political consequences of this attack will surely be felt in ridings across the country.

I demand to see a meaningful and evidence-based approach to dealing with the root causes of firearms related crime in this country, which starts by listening to your own evidence that shows the source of firearms crime are those brought in illegally across our borders.


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