2019-2020 Wild Sheep Raffle

It has been a very busy year so far for the WSSBC! We have doubled our 2018 project spending with a total of $233,060 spent and committed for 2019 and we are now active in every single wild sheep region of the province. Our work and funding includes volunteers on the ground, health assessments, research funding, highway collision mitigation, conservation land acquisitions, education, government consultation, control burn planning and ignition, and as always WE WANT TO DO MORE!

Your purchase of this year’s Wild Sheep Raffle tickets will help us move the needle for wild sheep in BC. And you may just be in for the hunt of a lifetime!

2019 Dream Optics Winners 



Grand Prize Optics Winner: Brenden Stewart – Ticket #01137
Second Prize Sitka Winner: Eric Brundage – Ticket #01385
Third Prize SG Pack Winner: Ryan Thompson – Ticket #00645


Thank you to our generous donor Precision Optics for supporting this raffle.  The 2019 Dream Optics Raffle supports our Hunter Heritage campaign 1Campfire. 

Jurassic Classic Raffle

Our 2019 Jurassic Classic Raffle was drawn on December 1, 2019.

Jurassic Classic Raffle – Gaming event licence #114235:
Grand Prize Sako 85 Finnlight: Michael Gilbert – Ticket #073
Second Prize SG Pack Winner – Richard Ertner – Ticket #181